Why we do it

Having spent my life as a Manchester musician, I would rarely come into contact with vintage synthesisers and drum machines. I started off using software emulations of the Arturia Arp 2600 and Jupiter 8, dreaming one day if owing the hardware and actually seeing one in person. As the prices keep increasing the opportunity to own or even use these iconic instruments becomes further out of reach. 

Manchester has always had a strong electronic scene producing world renowned artists such as New Order and The Chemical Brothers. Synthesisers plans an ambitious project to dust off the cobwebs and put the instruments that shaped the music industry in front of current and future musicians. 


Please reach out to us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Where are you located?

We are a Manchester based company and our initial start up is in the city centre. Further locations to be announced

What instruments do you have available?

We have synthesisers, drum machines, samplers, effects units dating from the 1970s to present day! These include Moog, Roland, Oberheim, Arp, Octave Plateau, Korg, Linn, Elka, Siel, Alesis, Akai, Kawai, Crumar, Buchla plus more

How does it work?

Every month at our residency (local studio / music school) we will be installing a selection of at least 5 vintage instruments rotating the instruments every month based on a theme. You will book the specific room with the venue and when you arrive the equipment will be waiting for you. MIDI / CV interfaces will be provided to record or use your existing material as well as an audio interface to record your sessions. 

How reliable is the equipment?

All the equipment has been serviced before installation. Though you can never guarantee 100% it will be issue free, we will replace any instrument with a close alternative should anything unexpected arise. Some of these instruments are 50 years and we expect them to be treated with respect and care as a lot now sit in museums